Hall Rental

Reserving the Sportsmen’s Club Hall

Who:  The Sportsmen’s Club Hall can be rented by any Active or Gold Card Member in good standing.

Cost:  $100 fee, in addition to a refundable $50 security deposit.

Rental Agreement:  A completed Club Hall Rental Agreement form, signed by the reserving member, must be submitted with fees prior to the rental date.  The Club Hall Rental Agreement form outlines the expectations and responsibilities of the renter. 

Club Hall Rental Agreement

Club Hall Rental Agreement forms can be submitted:

        • At the club on any Saturday from 9am until noon (the weekly club work day)
        • During the monthly Member Meeting (2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm)
        • Email to ofallonsportsmensclub@gmail.com with Subject “Hall Rental”

Hall Availability:  Please view the  Event Calendar to determine Hall availability.  Please note that the Events page is updated weekly so availability is not guaranteed and will be granted on a first come basis. 

Event Calendar

Approval:  All reservation requests must be approved.

Other Restrictions:

    • For Saturday reservations, the earliest you can request Hall access is 1 p.m.
    • The Hall cannot be reserved on National Holidays.
    • No hall rentals during the weekend when the legal federal holiday is either Friday or Monday.